​​"The Harmony between the narrative and the artwork results in a delightful and enchanting book." -School Library Journal 

"Featuring an Asian mother and an African American father, the artwork depicts a diverse family."  - School Library Journal

A Brave Spaceboy
by Danna Smith
illustrated by Laura Freeman
ISBN 10: 078-6809337
ISBN 13:  978-0786809332

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On moving day an enterprising little boy bids farewell to his fears. By playing pretend, he turns the scary unknown into an out-of-this-world adventure! In his handcrafted rocket ship the astronaut boldly sets a course for Mars, but as soon as he touches down on the unfamiliar terrain, he has a close encounter with a new life form! Never fear for this brave Marswalker knows how to deal with the stranger in his midst...he lets his imagination soar!     

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A Brave Spaceboy

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