danna smith.


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Children's Book Author

A wild cowboy

Art © Laura Freeman


"The story has a natural flow, like a child's stream of consciousness." -School Library Journal

"Children who love to pretend will see themselves in this imaginative boy who blazes his own trail." - Booklist

Awards and Distinctions

Nominee for the Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award
Creative Child Magazine Top Creative Toy Award - Seal of Excellence

When a little boy gets set to spend a day a grandma's, he's really preparing  to go on the cowboy ride of his dreams.  with his imagination in tow, he and is pardner (brother) ride their horses (Mom and Dad) to meet their ranch hand (Grandma). After having a great day doing all the things that cow folk do, this fantastic adventure ends in a reassuringly way as the cowboy and his "horse" are reunited just in time to be tucked into bed. 

A Wild Cowboy

by Danna Smith

illustrated by Laura Freeman


ISBN 10: 078-6819316
ISBN 13: 978-0786819317